Bladon Family History

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Chancery Dispute

It arrived a week after I had been to Kew and takes a lot of reading but is very interesting. From what I can make out, Elizabeth Bladon married John Platts and the dispute is over her uncles land - Thomas Barnes. It staes Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry Bladon and he was the eldestson of Thomas Bladon and Elizabeth Barnes, sister of Thomas. A William Bladon brought the case to dispute and it is him I am interested in.

I have since found out there is the next stage of the case at the National Archives involving interviews with family so I have this on order. There is also another part of the case from 1703 which Ialso have on order. I am hoping somewhere it will say the relationship between the Paltts and William Bladon as I am back to a William who is possibly an Uncle to Elizabeth and William also had a son William.