Bladon Family History

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Archive visit

Yesterday I visited a local archive. They hold some of the early rental books relating to the Vernon family. The earliest book was from 1597 and the first Bladon was in 1620! Two other books were from the 1660's which is at the same period as the Hearth Tax so I knew there would be some them. The other books I looked at were the day book from Lord Vernons agent - some Bladon entries popped up there and a receipt book again a few entries. When I arrived back home and everything, I realised I had made an error and Bladon Crofts was oposite Somersal Hall NOT at Hill Somersall where they lived at times. I now have to put it all together.

The previous Saturday I had gone to Matlock and looked at the Easter Book for Doveridge. The Bladons of West Broughton were mentioned in that. I hope to go back to Matlock before the summer holidays.